About Us

CUTC was founded in 1984 and continues to grow in size and success. We have an incredible group of dedicated committee members and coaches that work towards bettering both our gymnasts, on an individual level and the club as a whole.

All sessions are attended by British Gymnastics qualified coaches and have all the necessary safety equipment.

Trampolining is a fantastic sport for anyone. Beginners start with simple shape jumps and twists but progress quickly. Pretty soon, more complex combinations of acrobatic skills can be performed in the air.

Gradually the skills you can learn grow more challenging, with the best gymnasts executing moves with multiple twists and somersaults.

Our members not only come to compete and jump for fun, but also to enjoy the many social events we hold throughout the year. We often go for food after sessions and nights out after competitions.

We also host an annual dinner for all members past and present, a May Week garden party after exams and Christmas dinner at the end of Michaelmas term. For more information, contact ourĀ social secretary!

Alternatively just show up to a session and join in!